Bankstown District Amateur FA ready to celebrate 70 years


The COVID-19 pandemic looked as though it threw a spanner in the works for Bankstown District Amateur FA celebrating 70 years of football, thankfully the Football Gods thought otherwise as restrictions were eased gifting its participants and the entire community an opportunity to play the world game from July 1.

BDAFA Director Dimitri Hursalas was looking forward to the recommencement of the community football season to celebrate 70 years of existence – especially after the association and clubs endured a tough few months during peak COVID-19 restrictions.

“Yes, we will never forget 2020 that’s for sure. BDAFA had employed it first competitions manager and things were running smoothly then chaos hit through COVID-19.

“Although 2020 has been an imperfect year, kicking off and running a full season will solidify the strength and resilience we see in Bankstown players.

“Often, Bankstown produces far beyond what is expected of us and this will again be one of these occasions.

“Getting through COVID-19, kicking off a full season and celebrating our 70th year, it really doesn’t get much better than that.

“We have been very fortunate in Bankstown to have wonderful supportive clubs, volunteers and players.

“The overwhelming majority of players just wanted to get back to the normality of football and their football family.  This was the hardest aspect, not seeing everyone each weekend.

“All eyes are now poised on the 1st of July as we have our grade 14’s, 15’s 16’s 17/18’s kicking off the interrupted season.  All other grades including our Premier League and All Age Ladies 1 will be kicking off on the 4th and 5th of July.”

Hursalas praised the way his clubs have conducted themselves adhering to the new social distancing guidelines implemented by the NSW Government, NSW Office of Sport and Football NSW ensuring all bases were covered during the course of the upcoming season.

“Understandably the first response from our clubs following the new social distancing guidelines was met with apprehension, what was going to be required of our volunteers and were we able to meet the requirements and just get back to football.

“But now restrictions are easing, clubs are adapting and working together to get our full season underway.

“We have assisted clubs and provided sanitizers and Football NSW has been helpful in providing the guidelines for our clubs to follow, which has been a great help.”