City defeat the Bulls

Macarthur FC face their second loss in a row and miss the chance to move up to third after a disappointing mid-week result against City.

The early signs seemed like an tight game, but after 15 minutes the Bulls went ahead.

Craig Noone’s delivery into the area spilled off a charging Adrian Mariappa and, with goalkeeper Matt Sutton caught in no man’s land, fell into the path of Apostolos Giannou for an easy finish.

Although Bulls took the lead, City were quick to fight back and take the lead leading into the second half. Substitute Liam Rose should have dragged one back late but put his open chance wide. With no further chances for the Bulls, it was City who took all 3 points from the match.

Key Moments

7′ | Save! Kurto saves City’s chance at the lead.

10′ | Save! Najjar and LA. Rose team up to smother City’s chance at goal!

12′ | SAVE! Kurto comes through and saves Berenguer’s chance at a goal

13′ | CHANCE! Davila lines up his shot perfectely but is blocked by a wall of light blue.

15′ | GOOOOOOALLLLLLLLL TO GIANNOUUUUUUU!!! After a bit of a fumble at the face of goal Giannou comes through and scores!!!!

26′ | CHANCE! Najjar and LA. Rose team up for a second but is blocked by Sutton.

27′ | Goal to City…

31′ | SAVE! Kurto showing who’s boss yet again!!

32′ | CHANCE! Davila takes his chance at a second but the ball goes wide.

37′ | SAVE! Maclaren deflects the ball straight into the arms of Kurto.

43′ | Goal from a penalty to City.

50′ | CHANCE! Davila lines up his shot but the ball goes wide

53′ | It’s a penalty to City

54′ | Goal to City.

75′ | The crossbar saved a City strike at goal

82′ | Save! Mariappa comes through and smothers City’s chance at a fourth

86′ | Chance! Toure tries to chip the ball over Sutton but fails.

87′ | CHANCE! Let us set the scene. Toure crosses it over to Rose, who is in a perfect position. He takes the shot! it goes wide.

What’s next?

We focus on our quick turn around to the Battle of the West on our home turf this Saturday.

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