Coaching for the Coaches Webinar – Assistant Coach, Ivan Jolic, sat down and discussed the importance of being a football coach

Last Tuesday, Assistant Coach Ivan Jolic, sat down with Macarthur Football Association to host a coaching webinar. The online session featured local coaches focusing on the key competencies within a coaches and players relationship starting from the first grassroots interaction to the interactions as a coach at a NPL level.

This seminar aimed to teach coaches about the importance of their guidance throughout a young footballer’s journey. Jolic discussed how in the discovery phase of the journey, it is important to provide a fun and enjoyable environment.

“This is where they enter the game. And our Socceroos and our Matildas all come out of the discovery phase. All of them start very early on and a lot of them can attribute to falling in love with the game with their discovery phase coach”.

During the hour seminar, Jolic also talked about his own experience of becoming a coach and the challenges he faced during his journey.

“My job in the youth space was, yes to develop the footballer, but first and foremost it must be that I develop a really good person who can go out into society and add value to the community”.

This helped him to understand the players he was coaching as well as improving his own coaching skills.

This seminar helped to inspire many coaches to build on and adopt tactics to further improve themselves. The seminar received positive feedback from everyone who attended and provided inspiration for many coaches, ranging from grassroots to NPL.