The MFA 2020 Grand Final Series and Events Schedule


The Macarthur Football Association is pleased to present details of the 2020 Grand Final Series and Events Schedule.

The 2020 Grand Final Series is proposed to take place during the October Long-weekend at the home of Football in Macarthur, Lynwood Park.

The summary schedule follows:

Saturday, 3 October
• The Grand Final Series kicks-off on Saturday, 3 October with Female Football the centrepiece. Youth Girls Division 1 Grand Finals (U12 – U18) will take place on the synthetic field, concluding with the AAW2 Grand Final.
• U11 Girls Cup & Plate matches will KO from 9am.
• Youth Boys Grand Final matches for Division 2 teams and below will take place on Lynwood grass fields.

Sunday, 4 October
• Lynwood Stadium will host all Ottimo House M-League matches, with the Colts kicking things off at 9am.
• The O35’s Division 1 and O45’s Grand Finals will kick-off on the Stadium from 5pm.
• Lynwood grass fields will host a series of AAW, AAM and O35’s matches throughout the day.

Monday, 5 October
• The Stadium will host the Division 1 Youth Boys Grand Final matches, with the remaining AAM Grand Finals (Division 3 and below) to take place on Lynwood grass fields.
• U10 & U11 Boys Cup and Plate matches will take place in the morning.

Overall, 52 matches will take place at Lynwood Park over the course of the long weekend as we farewell the 2020 Season.

This plan is devised with the confidence that no restrictions will be in place. The plan may be altered due to the dynamic nature of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click here to view the full proposed schedule.

Events Schedule

1. Finals Series

Due to time constraints placed upon the 2020 Competition, the MFA, together with the member clubs, agreed to amend this year’s Finals Series. For the 2020 season only, the draw for the Finals Series shall be: Team 1 v Team 4 – Winner to Grand Final (loser eliminated); and Team 2 v Team 3 – Winner to Grand Final (loser eliminated. The 2020 Finals Series will commence from Friday, 25 September – Sunday 27 September.

2. MiniRoos Gala Days

Should COVID-19 restrictions ease, MiniRoos Gala Days are tentatively scheduled on the weekend of 26 & 27 September.

3. Premiers Presentations

The 2020 Premiers will be celebrated during the following presentation nights:

Women and Girls Leagues Tuesday, 22 September @ Wests League Club
Men’s and Youth Boys Division 1 Wednesday, 23 September @ Ottimo House
Men’s and Youth Boys Division 2 & below Thursday, 24 September @ Ottimo House

4. Ottimo House M-League Awards

The 2020 Ottimo House M-League Awards will take place at Wests League Club on Tuesday, 29 September. The Awards celebrate the best of the 2020 M-League season across all four Leagues.

5. 2020 City vs Country

The 2020 City vs Country Charity event will take place on Saturday, 10 October as the last major football event of the year.

The U21 Boys will kick-off the series from 9am, followed by the U18 Girls at 11am.

The annual Presidents vs Referees Match will take place from 1pm prior to the City vs County Women’s (3pm) and Men’s (5pm) matches.

Again, this plan is devised with the confidence that no restrictions will be in place. The plan may be altered due to the dynamic nature of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While there is still plenty of football to be played in 2020, the MFA trusts the information provided will allow the Football Community to plan accordingly. The MFA wishes member clubs and teams all the best in the race to the 2020 Finals.