Bulls announce annual Charity Cup

It is in the spirit of goodwill we are thrilled to announce the inaugural Charity Cup, a reward for the annual winner of the Macarthur FC and Sydney FC match at Campbelltown Stadium during the A-League season.

The Charity Cup trophy will be up for the taking when Macarthur FC and Sydney FC go head-to-head at Campbelltown Sports Stadium.

The inaugural Charity Cup match will be played in support of the Sony Foundation, the charitable arm of the Sony group of companies supporting young people in need.

The Cup is scheduled to begin its journey on April 20, 2024, when Bulls and Sydney battle in round 25 of the A-League.

The rules for the Cup are as follows:

1. The winner of the Charity Cup match will win the Charity Cup Perpetual Trophy and will retain the trophy until the following season.

2. If the Charity Cup match is drawn, the previous holder will retain the trophy.

3. If the Inaugural Charity Cup match is drawn, Macarthur FC will be awarded the perpetual trophy as the home team.