Bulls share points with Newcastle Jets

After an intense 90 minutes of football, both sides brought quality to the pitch resulting in deadlock.

The Bulls dominated early on with Tomislav Uskok getting the perfect touch from Noone’s set piece to lead the match. However, after a VAR decision resulting in a penalty due to handball in the box brought Newcaslte back into the match with teams finishing the first half 1-1.

As the next 45 went on, Macarthur FC showed great possession and quality with Tommy Oar showing off his volley skills once again putting the Bulls in the lead. An unlucky turn of events, when Newcastle found the perfect opportunity to put the ball at the back of the net. In a last minute attempt at goal, Newcastle got the hit but was ruled offside leaving the two teams to share points at the end.

Key Moments:

8′ | SAVEE!!! Filip Kurto showing us a MASSIVE save blocking Boumal’s run at goal.

21′ | GOAAALL!!!! Tomi Uskok gets the right touch from the set piece! 0-1.

34′ | VAR says penalty due to handball in the box. Newcastle equalises 1-1.

40′ | Fantastic challenge from Filip Kurto! 😍

45′ | SAVE!! Kurto just got his touch on the Jet’s chance at goal before Uskok cleared the ball.

57′ | What a critical block from Najjar as Newcastle strike at goal!

60′ | GOALLLLL!!! Toure goes for strike but is saved and then Tommy Oar gets the rebound and volleys into the back of the net! What a moment that was!

77′ | WHAT A SAVE!!! Kurto with a fantastic save keeping us in the lead.

79′ | Newcastle are back level. 2-2

89′ | SAVE! Smart keeping by Filip Kurto as he dives sharply

90+1′ | OFFSIDE! Newcastle get a goal but it is denied. 2-2.

Head coach Ante Milicic said: “In all honesty, I thought it was a decent game of football and the reason why I say that is because Newcastle and ourselves had such a long pause with COVID and also a quick turn around for tonight’s match.

“Today both teams produced a decent quality of football and in the end, I would say it’s a fair result.”

“We’ve had a big week from flying in and out to Tassie on Wednesday and then travelling to Terrigal yesterday and to Newcastle today, it’s been a big week and I’m proud of the boys. Now we look to refresh the boys and look towards our next match.” Said Milicic.