Bulls Skipper Secures 3 points in Tasmania

Macarthur FC get back to back to wins after Captain Dávila swooped in and stole possession before sliding his left-footed shot into the bottom corner, locking in another 3 points.

The Bulls began the match eager to snatch points when Ulises Dávila took advantage of Glory’s mistake to lock in an early goal. Leading the match, Macarthur continued a possessive first half going into half time in the lead.

Returning in the second half, Glory came back fighting with the team having plenty of chances but the Bulls defensive line proved strong enough. Macarthur went down to ten men after Susnjar was sent off, which left the last fifteen minutes of the match an intense fight to the finish but the Bulls proved strong enough to keep the 1-nil lead to the last whistle.

Key Moments:

5′ | CLOSE CALL! Oxborrow takes a chance at goal but it just goes wide.

7′ | SAVE! Oxborrow takes the free kick but is caught comfortably by Kurto.

9′ | GOAL! Dávila capitalises on Calver’s mistake to put the Bulls ahead. A misjudged touch from Aaron Calver inside his own penalty area has allowed Ulises Dávila to swoop in and steal possession before sliding his left-footed shot into the bottom corner, giving the Bulls a 1-0 lead.

13′ | CHANCE! Lachie Rose and Giannou team up to take their chances at goal but is blocked by Reddy.

27′ | CHANCE! Noone takes his chance at goal with that fantastic corner kick but is blocked again.

34′ | SAVE! Kurto shows wo’s in charge as he blocked Fornaroli’s chance at an equaliser!

39′ | Meredith goes for the cross towards goal but Glory’s defensive line stick together and block it out.

41′ | CHANCE! Noone goes for his left foot speciality but the ball goes just wide of goal.

51′ | CHANCE! Meredith takes his opportunity with a powerful header towards goal but it goes just wide.

55′ | Close call! Kurto and Mariappa knock Perth Glory’s chance at an equaliser out of the box. 

59′ | CHANCE! Giannou takes his shot at goal but is blocked by Reddy!

60′ | CHANCE! Dávila takes a strike in front of goal but Glory’s Oxborrow holds his defensive line strong. 

62′ | CHANCE! Noone produces a wicked cross to Mariappa but it is blocked by Perth.

67′ | SAVE! Fornaroli goes for an equaliser but it is blocked by Kurto.

69′ | SAVE AGAIN! Perth are on a revenge path to get that equaliser but Kurto continues to come through with another beautiful save!

74′ | CHANCE! Dávila tries his luck at crossing the ball to Lachie Rose but is blocked by Kurto!

76′ | CLOSE CALL! Kurto comes through with another beautiful save!

87′ | Ruhs with an excellent run towards goal but his chance ends early as Glory block his cross to Lachie!

90+4′ | Lachie Rose is called up for a handball in the box, VAR says no penalty.

Match Details

Perth Glory 0 Macarthur FC 1 (Davila 9′)
Referee: Kurt Ams
UTAS Stadium, Launceston

Perth Glory: 33.Liam REDDY (GK), 2.Aaron CALVER, 9.Bruno FORNAROLI, 10.Andy KEOGH (C), 11.Nick FITZGERALD (13.Brandon O’NEILL 46′), 14.Jack CLISBY, 19.Callum TIMMINS (18.Daniel STYNES 85′), 21.Antonee BURKE-GILROY (15.Daniel STURRIDGE 46′) (24.Pacifique NIYONGABIRE 65′), 22.Josh RAWLINS, 23.Mitch OXBORROW (26.Giordano COLLI 73′), 29.Darryl LACHMAN,
Substitutes not used: 12.Cameron COOK (GK), 5.Jonathan ASPROPOTAMITIS
Yellow Cards: O’Neill
Red Cards: None

Macarthur FC: 46.Filip KURTO (GK), 2.Jake MCGING (22.Liam ROSE 32′), 4.James MEREDITH (35.Al Hassan TOURE 65′), 10.Ulises DAVILA (C), 11.Tommy OAR, 15.Aleksandar SUSNJAR, 17.Craig NOONE (20.Tomislav USKOK 65′), 23.Adrian MARIAPPA, 24.Kokola M’MOMBWA (19.Michael RUHS 53′), 31.Lachlan ROSE, 99.Apostolos GIANNOU (8.Jordon MUTCH 75′)
Substitutes not used: 1.Nicholas SUMAN (GK), 14.Moudi NAJJAR
Yellow Cards: Susnjar
Red Cards: Susnjar