Club Statement


The club is equally disappointed with the decision to move the venue of tomorrow’s round 1 game. Council did NOT inform the club of any renovation issues, and in particular of its extremely late decision to relay portions of the pitch with ready to play turf early this week.

The club only discovered the true nature of the pitch at 8am Friday morning. In discussions with turf contractors, council and the A-Leagues it was agreed that the pitch was not suitable for any A-League fixture.

The club discussed a number of alternatives with the A-Leagues, including local NPL venues, however due to the non availability of these venues and the logistics around TV broadcasting, police, security, catering etc, there was no other feasible alternative other than to play a double header tomorrow night at McDonald Jones Stadium.

The club is looking forward to fruitful discussions with the turf contractors, council and the A-Leagues in to how to move forward and remedy the current situation.