Match Report: Bulls vs Victory

The Bulls Refund Relief Charity Match began with both teams attacking in full force until Victory opened the scoring in the first half proving to strong for the Bulls this round securing the 3 points.

The match began with both teams attacking to win the first goal but both keepers were proving to strong and blocking the chances coming through until Folami from Victory hit a powerful strike past Kurto opening the scoring for the match.

With Victory leading into the second half, the referee called a handball in the box giving the Bulls a penalty which Noone scored calmly. As the second half continued, the Bulls continued to fight to the finish to get the equaliser but Victory continued to defend well and got another 3 goals to secure the win.

Key Moments

4’| Melbourne Victory begins the match with a shot at goal forcing Kurto to do a low dive.

6’| Ulises Davila with shows some beautiful footwork in the box but lacks the finishing touch.

7’| Victory with two close chances, but both are stopped by Kurto. The opposition putting him to work early.

15′ | CHANCE! Jovanovic goes for the header but it goes wide.

19’| The opposition with an open goal for a shot but Tomislav Uskok comes in and rises highest to block the strike.

21′ | CHANCE! Mutch goes for the worldie but the ball goes wide

28’| Victory open up the scoring with Folami’s strike hitting the back of the net.

42′ | CHANCEEE! Davila goes in with a beautiful shot, nutmegging a Victory player but is blocked by Kelava.

48’ | Victory hit the back of the net, but the goal is ruled offside.

52’ | Melbourne Victory get another goal under the belts.

55’| Handball in the box gives the Bulls a penalty

56’| GOAL! Craig Noone brings Macarthur back in the game!

62′ | CHANCEEEEEE! Juric steps onto the field and already takes a shot at goal and what a shot it is!

64’ | Jovanovic gets the equaliser but is soon after called offside.

67’| SO close! Meredith rises highest but his headers’ shot brushes the top of the net

81′ | Goal to Victory.

Head Coach Ante Milicic was frustrated with the result but says he knew it would be a difficult game with a tough opposition and quick turn around returning from Tasmania.

“The Melbourne Victory side is a very well drilled and very fit side and with our loss of Mariappa being suspended we expected a tough game and they (Melbourne Victory) delivered.”

“I felt we were in the game for majority of it but in the end we didn’t manage those crucial moments very well and that hurt us in the end, but Melbourne Victory deserved those 3 points.

“On a positive note, I’ve waited 24 games for this match where I have Davila, De Silva, Noone and Juric on the pitch at the same time and we saw snippets tonight of how great they can work together. Unfortunately it’s come at the end of the season, so will it be enough to get us to finals, I’m not sure we have to wait and see how our next two games go,” says Milicic.

The Bulls will look to be at home for their last two matches of the season when the Jets head to Campbelltown this Sunday 1st May at 4:05pm.