The First Grade Men’s amazing victory over Sutherland Sharks FC stands out as the highlight of the weekend’s action, which also witnessed some impressive results from our Bulls FC Academy teams. 

The First Grade Men’s team secure their third win of the season over Sutherland Sharks FC on Saturday. The game started off strong for the Bulls, with Alexander Robinson producing a spectacular save to deny the Sharks the lead. Throughout the first half, there were incredible opportunities for the Bulls from Eddie Caspers and Mason Wells, yet they were unable to convert these chances into goals. T The second half was where the Bulls truly shined. They created more fantastic opportunities, and in the 82nd minute, Ariath Piol slipped through the Sharks’ defense to score. The Bulls held onto their lead for the remaining minutes and secured the three points with a 0 – 1 win over Sutherland Sharks FC. The U20s shared the points with Sutherland Sharks Fc after they drew 1 – 1 on Saturday, with Mabior Garang scoring for the Bulls. 

Our U14s and U15s Boys secured three points on Saturday after they defeated Bonnyrigg White Eagles FC. The U18s shared their points with Bonnyrigg after they drew 0 – 0. Unfortunately, the U13s and U16s were defeated on Saturday. 

The First Grade Women’s team suffered a devastating loss on Sunday against Macarthur Rams FC. The Rams opened the scoring in the 16th minute and doubled their lead in the 21st minute with a penalty. However, this only fuelled the Bulls’ determination to fight back. In the 38th minute, Charlotte Lancaster managed to score one for the Bulls after Jessika Nash delivered a beautiful long ball that found Lancaster’s head and hit the back of the net like a rocket. Only 6 minutes later, the Bulls found the net again with Tamires Souza’s header after the ball rebounded off the crossbar. The second half brought numerous fantastic opportunities for the Bulls, but they couldn’t capitalise on them to secure the lead. Unfortunately, in the 87th minute, the Rams regained the lead, despite the Bulls’ valiant efforts, resulting in a 3-2 loss for the Bulls. The Reserves shared points with Macarthur Rams FC on Sunday, playing to a 0-0 draw at Northbridge Oval. 

The U16s Girls shared the points with Macarthur Rams FC on Sunday, after a 0 – 0 draw. Unfortunately, the U18s were defeated by Macarthur Rams FC at Northbridge Oval. 


U13s: 4 – 3 LOSS v Bonnyrigg White Eagles FC 

U14s: 0 – 2 WIN v Bonnyrigg White Eagles FC 

U15s: 0 – 1 WIN v Bonnyrigg White Eagles FC 

U16s: 2 – 0 LOSS v Bonnyrigg White Eagles FC 

U18s: 0 – 0 DRAW v Bonnyrigg White Eagles FC 


U20s: 1 – 1 DRAW v Sutherland Sharks FC 

FIRST GRADE: 0 – 1 WIN v Blacktown City FC 

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U14s: 1-0 WIN v Macarthur Rams FC

U15s: 0-1 LOSS v Macarthur Rams FC

U16s: 0 – 0 DRAW v Macarthur Rams FC 

U18S: 1 – 2 LOSS v Macarthur Rams FC 

RESERVES: 0 – 0 DRAW v Macarthur Rams FC 

FIRST GRADE: 2 – 3 LOSS v Macarthur Rams FC 

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