The First Grade Women’s team’s victory against NWS Spirit secured the weekend’s highlight, which featured some stellar performances from our Bulls FC Academy teams.

Our First Grade Women’s team have secured a spot in the semi-finals after defeating NWS Spirit on Sunday. Peta Trimis started off the action early with a fantastic chance at goal. Only four minutes later Jessica Seaman pulled the Bulls into the lead after redirecting the rebound from NWS Spirit’s goalkeeper and burying it into the back of the net. The Bulls doubled their lead in the 15th minute after Peta Trimis went one on one with Spirit’s goalkeeper and redirected the rebound straight into the back of the net. The Bulls continued to produce some fantastic shots at goal from Charlotte Lancaster and Peta Trimis. The Bulls held onto their lead throughout the second half while continuing to produce some spectacular chances. Spirit managed to Bull one back in the 98th minute after they were awarded a penalty for a handball, but the Bulls still held on to their lead, defeating NWS Spirit 2 – 1 and securing a spot in the semi-finals. The Reserves were unfortunately defeated 0 – 3 on Sunday.

The Girls ended their season bravely, but they were unfortunately defeated by NWS Spirit on Sunday.

The U15s and U18s Boys secured three points over the weekend after they defeated South Coast Flame. The U14s shared the points with South Coast Flame on Saturday after they drew 3 – 3. Unfortunately, the U13s and U16s were defeated by South Coast Flame.


U13s: 2 – 1 LOSS v South Coast Flame FC

U14s: 3 – 3 DRAW v South Coast Flame FC

U15s: 1 – 2 WIN v South Coast Flame FC

U16s: 5 – 0 LOSS v South Coast Flame FC

U18s: 2 – 4 WIN v South Coast Flame FC


U14s: 1 – 2 LOSS v NWS Spirit FC

U15s: 0 – 1 LOSS v NWS Spirit FC

U16s: 1 – 2 LOSS v NWS Spirit FC

U18S: 0 – 5 LOSS v NWS Spirit FC

RESERVES: 0 – 3 LOSS v NWS Spirit FC

FIRST GRADE: 2 – 1 WIN v NWS Spirit FC

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